Dental Equipment Emergency Callout Cardiff

Dental Equipment Emergency Callout Cardiff

Patients rely totally on medical services. That means that medical services – like your dental practice – need to be able to deliver a 100% reliable service. When things go wrong you need to know that you can get a reliable, long-term fix as soon as possible. Bowen Dental Engineering emergency callout service guarantees that.

A modern dental practice is reliant on high-tech machinery as well as the skill of your team. A breakdown can mean a waiting room full of unhappy patients, cancelled or delayed procedures, or even patients in pain. The effects can quickly cascade.

Bowen Dental Engineering has a team of experienced manufacturer-trained engineers who can help get your surgery back up and running as soon as possible.

A Fast, Reliable, Safe Dental Equipment Emergency Callout Service

Dental machinery needs to work efficiently and safely.

Some of the machinery in your dental practice is potentially dangerous. Pressure vessels are regulated. Suction pumps and amalgam separators must deal safely with hazardous waste. X-rays are a form of radiation and their use is strictly regulated.

Strict rules for infection control, decontamination, and sterilisation help keep your patients safe and your reputation clean. You need to be able to rely on the equipment that makes this possible.

Bowen Dental Engineering Emergency Callout Services

The team at Bowen Dental Engineering has decades of experience delivering servicing and repair work to dentists across south Wales and the West Country.

Our emergency repair engineers are on standby from 7am Monday to Saturday and ready to be with you as quickly as possible to deliver our renowned professional. efficient, effective, and friendly repair service.

Bowen Dental Engineering are stockists for many of the top manufacturers of dental machinery. Your dental chairs, autoclaves, compressors, pressure vessels, x-ray machines, suction pumps and amalgam separators will be repaired by skilled technicians with manufacturer-approved parts and equipment.

Our aim is to get your machinery up and working and your patients treated as quickly as humanly possible.

Servicing, Planned Maintenance, and Replacement Equipment

The best way to avoid emergencies with your dental equipment is with a planned maintenance programme.

Call Bowen Dental Engineering to ask about our servicing and service contracts for amalgam separators, autoclaves, compressors, dental chairs, and suction pumps.

Bowen Dental Engineering also provide pressure vessel inspection and x-ray inspection services and you can be confident that any repairs we make will be fully compliant with legal standards and industry best practice.

Emergency Callout Repair Services

Call us now on 07467 950938 if you need emergency repair callout services in Cardiff, south Wales, and the West Country along the M4 and M5.