Ajax AJ12 Ambidextrous Dental Chair

Ajax AJ12 Ambidextrous Dental Chair

Ambidextrous Chair for both Left and Right handed users.

All chairs can be custom built to suit you, looking to add or remove items?

Intraoral camera, Curing light, Touch screen monitor, Micromotors and air turbines.

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  • 5 Hand piece hanger delivery system including:

    Air turbine hoses with fiber optic
    DCI 1/3 syringe
    Scaler EMS compatible with 5 tips included
    X-ray viewer
    silicon tray pad
    15 function control panel with 3 programmable positions
    Multifunction foot control pedal


    5 Piece hanger assistant tray including:

    DCI 1/3 syringe
    Large bore suction hose
    small bore suction hose
    10 function control panel



    Ceramic bowl
    Pure water and disinfectant bottle system


    Operating light

    Economic LED light 30.000 Lux

    (Upgrades available up to 50.000Lux)


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