Suction Pump Servicing

Regular Suction Pump Servicing

In order to keep your equipment working safely and to its full capabilities you should arrange regular maintenance. A programme of annual servicing saves money in the long run by avoiding expensive emergency repairs and interruptions to your services.

Most manufacturers recommend annual servicing, but if you’re not sure please give us a call: Bowen Dental Engineering partners with all the best dental equipment manufacturers as a supplier and as registered service engineers.

image of a pressure suction pump

A Fast, Efficient, Good-Value Service

A dental surgery needs to operate to a strict timetable with the minimum of down time. Bowen Dental Engineering can arrange service visits that fit with your schedule.

It’s good value too, with service prices starting from £105, plus parts, plus service kit.

High Quality Dental Suction Pump Servicing

Bowen Dental Engineering’s trained and experienced dental engineers are trained to work with all the equipment they service and carry out services to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Servicing a suction pump includes collecting and disposing of amalgam waste to comply with the practice’s hazardous waste responsibilities; removing all stored fluids; replacing filters; leak-testing; a full operational test; and keeping a full record of the service.

All Your Dental Engineering Needs

Suction pump servicing is just one of Bowen Dental Engineering’s suite of dental engineering repair, maintenance, servicing, installation, emergency call-out, testing, certification, and sales services.

Working with the world’s best suppliers of dental equipment we sell and service dental chairs, amalgam separators, autoclaves, compressors, dental chairs, pressure vessels, and x-ray equipment.

We also provide a full compliance testing and certification service for x-ray equipment, pressure vessels, and practice decontamination.

Our emergency call-out repair service is at your disposal from 7am, Monday to Saturday.

We’re a friendly, family-owned business with a dedicated and experienced team. If you’d like to find out more about our services or you’d like advice or quotations on dental engineering sales, repairs, or service then please call us.

What is included?

  • Check & note the serial number
  • Remove covers as necessary
  • Ensure that there are no stored fluids and drainage waste
  • Follow manufacturers guidelines for servicing requirements, replace parts as required by manufacturer
  • Check, clean or replace where necessary any filters
  • Switch unit on
  • Test unit for correct operation in line with manufacturers guidelines
  • Check for signs of any leaks
  • Dispose of any used and contaminated parts in line with the practice policy
  • Refit covers as necessary
  • Complete all paperwork