CPD Training

Continuing Professional Development and Compliance

In partnership with Maggie Heath of Rosette CPD Bowen Dental Engineering supply high-quality training and compliance services to your practice.

Your staff are your greatest asset and your biggest investment. Good quality continuing professional development allows you to deliver safe, high quality care to the highest standards. Great CPD also gives your staff an investment in the practice, allowing them to build skills and enjoy career progression.

Training for healthcare practices and care staff is covered by a number of UK and EU legal protocols, and keeping up to date with it can feel like a full-time job. Patient confidence is priceless to any medical practice, in the NHS and private sector.

High Quality Training from an Experienced Trainer

Maggie Heath has more than a decade’s experience in health care training, and has been a trained first aider for more than 25 years. Her courses are up-to-date, comprehensively researched, and engaging.

She supplies a range of training courses across the health care sector, but specialises particularly in dental practices.

Maggie will carry out compliance visits, to ensure that your practice is fully compliant with the latest legislation.

Comprehensive Training for all Medical Staff

Rosette CPD’s training includes eight courses, all providing comprehensive, certificated training in areas of vital importance to health care professionals, tailored to the needs of your staff and your premises:

Medical Emergencies, CPR, AED (Automated External Defibrillator), and Airways Management training.

This course will equip your staff to safely deal with eight potentially life-threatening medical emergencies (heart attack, Hypoglycemia, asthma attacks, anaphylactic shock, stroke, choking, and epileptic fitting). After completion staff will be able to assess and treat acutely ill patients, and your practice’s emergency supplies and equipment will be checked. Like all Maggie’s courses, Medical Emergencies training will ensure that you comply with your legal and regulatory obligations. It also includes practical hands-on work with adult, child and baby resuscitation manikins. Under General Dental Council (GDC) enhanced CPD rules, you must have a minimum of 10 hours training in medical emergencies every two years, so that “all registrants must be trained in dealing with medical emergencies, including resuscitation, and possess up to date evidence of capability”.

Infection Control and Prevention (COSHH)

Infection control training is another necessity for GDC registrants. Rosette CPD’s training will keep you up to date in this Health and Social Care Act 2008 Regulated Activity. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) can refuse registration and even prosecute practices for failure to meet infection control standards.

The training covers the “Decontamination Health Technical Memorandum 01-05: Decontamination in primary care dental practices” from the CQC, training in recognising risks, and a hand-cleanliness demonstration with UV light. The session will also review your waste disposal and sharps practices, and cover applicable COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations.

Safeguarding for Children, Young Adults, and Vulnerable Adults

Safeguarding is a vital part of any medical work. Rosette’s training will give you and your staff a full understanding of your responsibilities to monitor for, recognise and report abuse, and how to find any advice and support you might need. Real-life examples help to bring the training to life and turn legal responsibilities into realistic scenarios with plans for action.

Fire Awareness and Fire Marshall Training

Your practice must be safe for staff, patients and visitors in the event of emergencies. Rosette CPD’s fire training will ensure that it is. The course covers your practice’s legal responsibilities under Fire Reform Safety Order 2005 (and includes other relevant legislation), as well as providing a good practical guide to fire safety, including hands-on sessions with fire extinguishers. This course will give all of your staff a grounding in fire safety, and your designated fire marshalls all the skills they need to manage any emergency safely.

Mental Capacity and Dementia

All healthcare staff need to have knowledge of the Mental Capacity Act (2005). This legislation is designed to protect and empower those who aren’t able to make all decisions for themselves. Rosette CPD’s training will ensure that any patient can use your practice safely and with dignity. Your staff will learn how to manage interaction and decision making with, and provide assistance for patients and their advocates.

Health and safety with Manual Handling

Every employer must ensure that their employees have the information and skills to safely handle the physical demands of their work. Rosette CPD’s course means you’ll be up-to-date with the latest legal obligations in manual handling, and will give everyone great practical advice to improve their own manual handling skills. There are very real benefits to this training: The most common reason for early retirement for dentists is muscular skeletal disorder. An ergonomic assessment of your chair and instrument set-up will take the pain out of your working day.


Due to the use of hot and cold water systems in dental practices, the water-borne and potentially fatal legionella bacterium is a particular concern. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations apply in this area, and two sets of best-practice guidance apply particularly to dental practices. Rosette CPD’s legionella course will keep up legally compliant and your patients safe.

Information Governance & GDPR

Data security and personal privacy are big concerns for all your patients, and Rosette CPD’s training will introduce you to the principles of this important area, and give you the tools to manage large amounts of internet-accessible personal date within UK and EU law. The GDPR, General Data Protection Regulations, applies to everyone, and medical records are particularly sensitive. There are serious penalties for breaches of date security.

Compliance Services

As well as training staff in dental practices and other healthcare settings, Maggie Heath is also a specialist compliance consultant.

A CQC compliance visit will assess your status in relation to the demanding regulations of statutory regulators in the health care sector, and provide you with an action plan to get you up to standard if necessary.

More targeted help can focus in on particular areas of concern, and the aim of all Rosette CPD visits is to see that your practice surpasses minimum standards and can show your patients that you take their safety seriously.

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