Faro Automatic Sealer Fs1010


Faro Automatic Sealer Fs1010

Made with high-quality materials, FS1010 is the new automatic thermosealer designed to ensure a perfect and uniform fast sealing, maximising space in the work area.

User-Friendly Technology

Equipped with a Digital LED display and electronic temperature control (°C or °F) using only two commands, the FS1010 is a thermosealer that is intuitive and easy to use. The sound and light signals provide continuous information on the machine’s operating conditions.

Optimal sealing

The regulation and electronic temperature control permit constant monitoring of the heating in the sealing area, resulting in optimal sealing and eliminating the risk of damage to the pouch.

Efficiency and speed

The high quality of the innovative heat element allows the heat to spread evenly over the pouch, avoiding arrests caused by excessive heating. In addition, the possibility of immediate use only 60 seconds after turning on and its sealing speed make the FS1010 both an efficient and fast thermosealer.

Functional design

High-quality materials combined with an ergonomic and simple shape make the FS1010 an attractively designed sealer, allowing it to maintain a high level of hygiene. Furthermore, the size and low weight allow a considerable reduction of the overall space required for working, while still maintaining a performance equal to that of larger models.

Additional information

Power supply voltage

115/230 Vac

Mains frequency

50/60 Hz

Power rating

750 W


7 Kg

Sealing type

Continuous cycle and constant temperature

Temperature range

0-200 C°

Width of the sealing band

12 mm

Sealable material (complies with EN 868 standard)

Paper/polypropylene laminates

Sealing speed

10 m/min


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