Cattani AC300 Compressor


No. of Surgeries: 4-6 surgerys

No. of Cylinders: 3 cylinder

No. of Dryers: 1 dryer

Output power: 1~ 50Hz-1.50kW-10.2A

Produced air: 238N l/min (pressure at 5 real bar)

Air Tank Volume:  45 litres

Noise level: 74dB(A)

Dimensions: W620 D520 H750 (mm)

Net Weight: 65kg

Gross Weight: 79kg

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Cattani manufactures a comprehensive range of Oil-less Compressor systems for multiple dental surgeries. The range comprises of 2, 3 and 6 cylinder, twin or triple head compressors depending on the scale and performance that dental practices require.

The Company’s Blok-Jet systems are designed for use by leading hospitals, health centres and teaching establishments. Blok-Jet consists typically of 6 cylinder compressor heads, assembled into one or more common frames, a centralised drying system and control panel. The power of these systems can be tailored to meet any air delivery requirements and space considerations that industrial scale clients may face.

Cattani Oil-less Compressors all use a desiccant drying system, rated for continuous flow. The Blok-Jet system has a dew point rating of -20 degrees (under pressure rating). Varying sizes of drying systems are available for the different sizes of compressors.

Cattani compressor receivers are coated with BioCote® Silver Ion Technology which delivers highly effective protection against microbes such as bacteria and mould. Permanent antimicrobial protection, Guaranteed.


No. of Surgeries:     4 surgeries running simultaneously

No. of Cylinders:     3 cylinder

No. of Dryers:         1 dryer

Output power:         1-50Hz 1.5kW – 10.2A

Produced air:           238N l/min [pressure at 5 real bar]

Air Tank Volume:    45 Litres

Noise level:            73.6dB[A]

Dimensions:           W620 D520 H750 [mm]

Net Weight:            65kg

Gross weight:        79kg



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