MDS RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water System


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MDS RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water System

The MDS Reverse Osmosis system is the most economical method of purifying tap water. Conveniently fitted underneath your sink unit and producing up to 8 litres of stored water at one time, which is then readily available on tap as standard. No electricity required hence minimal running costs. This unit is used for the autofill function of our MDS Medical autoclaves. Eliminating the need for manual filling

• Produces up to 8L of water at one time
• User friendly
• Usually fitted under sink unit
• Fittings included
• Can be used in conjunction with the automatic fill function


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10L tank, Fittings included, No electrical power needed, Requires no tools for filter changes, Supplies 3L of RO Water every 20 minutes, User friendly, Usually fitted under sink unit


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