Mocom B Futura17L Autoclave


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The World’s First Tap Water Autoclaves!

Mocom’s new Futura and Supreme autoclaves have the ability to accept tap water using its patented filtration system. The Supreme even goes one step further having a second filter in the used water tank allowing it to repurify the previously circulated water.

Advanced connectivity

All models of Mocom autoclaves allow you to connect to Wi-Fi allowing the practice to directly download cycle data rather than having to store paper copies of the data. With the device being connected to your WiFi, this allows our technical team to remotely connect to the unit so we can run diagnostics in the unlikely event of an issue.

Rapid Cycle Times

Mocoms ‘Veloce Cycle’ allows the autoclave to complete a cycle in just 21 minutes! This is a vacuum cycle which even includes drying the instruments helping practices cope in those busy time periods.


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