Turbo-Jet 1


Cattani’s Turbo Smart 2V is recommended for up to 4 surgeries, however, it is capable of running up to 6 surgeries if the negative pressure is reduced. The suction system does not require new pipework and can even be mounted on a frame.

Producing a consistent, high airflow and vacuum, the machine can match multiple surgeries’ demands by responding automatically. Intuitively, the variable speed suction will adapt on the spot to any changes. As a result, it speeds up as soon as a suction tip opens. When demand decreases, the machine speed decreases as well, however, without sacrificing performance.

Extremely reliable, flexible and innovative, the machine only requires one central separator instead of one for every surgery. This keeps maintenance and cleaning to a minimum.

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Turbo-Jet 1 (without amalgam separation)

Cattani Turbo-Jet 1

Single Surgery

Suction Pump without amalgam separator

Voltage – 230v

Vacuum – 160 mbar

Flow – 650 l/min

Noise (dBA) – 61dBA

Dimensions – 45 x 44 x 40 (W x D x H cm)

Weight – 30kg


Installation is available on all products, please call for the latest price.


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